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Travis Shallow & Jerry Joseph

Clip of "Heart's Gone Blind" from a house show in Wilmington, NC

2022 -> 2005 Jerry Joseph was the first guy to take me on tour of the Pacific Northwest. I think I had just turned 21 that first run. Might of been 20 still. Was the first time seeing Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah.. and while I took all that in staring out the window on those drives, seeing him do what he does on stage night after night, song after song, was a crash course on what it takes to do this. He leaves it all on stage every damn night. The long talks after the show about what’s bullshit, and what’s not. For a wide-eyed kid, it ignited something that I didn’t know existed. Thank you for that Jerry, and doing it again together this weekend was a pleasure.

If you don’t already know his music, find it, and buckle in.

Travis Shallow and Jerry Joseph

Jerry Joseph and Travis Shallow house show in Wilmington, NC

Travis Shallow and Jerry Joseph playing a house show in Wilmington, NC


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